Renting your items: How does it work?

Most of the things you own are only useful for a few hours each week. now lets you:

  •  Buy less and rent more
  • Make your purchases profitable by renting them
  •  Finance your new project

Now imagine that all the items you occasionally need are just one click away, in your neighborhood, and at a fraction of their purchase price?  canoe, camping gear, travel suitcases, tuxedos, evening growns and Halloween costume... all at your disposal !

In addition, each time you use them, you enrich the community and improv the planet.

Now, just like your neighbors, you can rent your own objects and generate income.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Make an inventory of the items you would like to rent.
  • Asses their current value according to what you think
  • Divide their value by 15
  • Enter the information in a chart

In the above example, you only have to rent the 3 items on average, once a month, to earn $ 83 a month and around $ 1,000 a year. It's enough to pay for your ticket for your coming trip!

Canadians have an average of $ 7000 worth of property that is rarely used. There's a gold mine clutering up your closets !

Please note: The rule of 15 is not always applicable. You can increase or decrease the rental price according to your criteria. Go on the page "how does it work" "create an ad" and for more details on how to price your rentals.

The steps of a successful transaction? Follow our recommandations



1. Create your ad

Create your ad on, it's simple and free. Select the category of your object, the cancellation policy and describe what kind of shape by choosing the condition.

You must add photos of the object you wish to rent. Indicate the rental price per day and the value of the deposit of your object. You must also specify the location of the rental.








2. Meet the Renter

Get to know the Renter before handing over the item by talking throught rentingisbettter's messaging system.

It is necessary to clean the rented objects before rental and provide the user guide, if any.









3. Get paid's secure payment system means you never have to deal with money directly.

Renters pay before taking possession of the object, and automatically pays you after taking possession.

For more details, please check out the FAQ or Safety and Trust.