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Do you have objects sleeping in your cupboard? Do you play sports, but not every weekend? You are manual and have a lot of tools, but do not use them every day?

Rent out your items on the platform platform to share it with members of your community.

Start making money !


  • Share your items and reduce your consumption 

This is the essence of the sharing economy. If you need an object occasionally, renting is the best way to enjoy it. You can save money!

Would you like to finance the purchase of your Items ? Use your old equipment to finance new ones and that in a very short time on the platform.


  • Struggle against waste and create a more responsible community offers the opportunity for each citizen to have a positive impact on the planet and to be a consom'actor who participates, on a scale to the, to the ecological transition. offers an alternative way of consumption, more responsible and more sustainable possible.                                                                                                                                         


  • Empowering local exchange and recreating social bond wants to set up an economy of common sense and recreate relationship on a local level. it's strong values in order to simplify and encourage relationships between neighbors to live together better and allow other individuals to rent your items rather than go buy while reducing our environmental impact.

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