About Renting is Better


rentingisbetter.com.com is a service that allows individuals to rent out items to one another while bringing neighbours closer together. The website was founded by Louis-Philippe Lesieur, Jonathan Teste, Mackendy Jeudy, Jérémie Beaupeux and Cyril Ekoule in 2017.


The story behind the idea…


My father owns everything. Personally, I don't need much.

I grew up in a Montreal suburb. My father, like many of his generation, has bought and now owns a great deal of stuff that he very rarely uses.

Unlike my father, I chose to live in a small apartment in the city without any clutter. When I need something, I go and visit my father. Lucky for me, he was there. As well as being better for the environment, this also gives us a chance to saw each other and spend some time together.

When talking with my friend Jonathan Teste, who also owns a lot of stuff, we had an idea: make the most of our belongings by sharing them within our community while also meeting some great people.

For this, a trusted third party was missing to secure the transaction. It is from that perspective that rentingisbetter.com was born.


Our values bring our community together


Adapt to changes by changing the way you consume

The consumerism society is omnipresent and has invaded every environment in which we live. Do we really need to constantly fill our closets, with products, various and varied, and clutter our home with new things whose usefulness is sometimes uncertain ? Is it possible to live differently ? rentingisbetter.com now offers you the solution.





rentingisbetter.com is here to response to the excessive consumerism. I t allows us to consumes more intelligently, and to take pleasure in a more responsable, united approach.



Promote relational exchange

Whatever the income level of an individual or household, there's almost always someting we want or need that is simply beyond our means. Now, rentingisbetter.com allows for a relational exchange between individuals by setting up an exchange service to acquire items without having to buy them. Consuming this way we want to satisfy every individual and promote social inclusion.

rentingisbetter.com is, at its core, a collaborative economy that encourages people to share their belongings through our platform. We put exchange and human relationship at the near of our system. A meeting, a sharing, friendliness...

rentingisbetter.com creates a network of mutual support within neighborhoods, and is based on trust, friendship and a senss of community.